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KineticDog, LLC Competition Event Protocol for COVID-19 as of June 1, 2021

1. If you believe you have COVID-19 or have been exposed to COVID-19 and you are not fully vaccinated, please stay home.

2.    All exhibitors will be required to sign our online COVID policy and waiver prior to the trial.  These policies are subject to change based on changes in PA state mandates.  A link to updated policies and the waiver will be sent after closing for all exhibitors.  A link to the waiver is here:

3. Masks are required by ALL exhibitors for all briefings, walkthroughs and course building.

4. If you are fully vaccinated and you provide us with proof of vaccination, you will receive a wrist band.  If you have an wrist band, you will not need to wear a mask indoors or near the gate/queuing area.  Masks would only be required as per #2 above (an exception to this would be for course building if all course builders are fully vaccinated)

5. If you are not fully vaccinated, you MUST wear a mask at all times indoors and in the gate/queuing area EXCEPT when you are actively running your dog.  You may remove the mask at the start line, keep it on your person, and put it back on before leaving the ring.  You may also keep your mask off outdoors when away from the gate/queuing area.

6. To summarize #3-#5 above:

a. Masks are required by ALL exhibitors for walkthroughs, briefings and course building (unless ALL course builders have an armband)

b. Either masks or wrist bands are required by all exhibitors when indoors (either red or green building) and the gate/queuing area.

c. Masks are NOT required by anyone when running their dog.

7. There will be limited spectator chairs.  Participant chairs are not permitted in the spectator area.

8. We are limited to 50 people inside the building by Pennsylvania mandate.  We will be monitoring to make sure we are in compliance and may ask you to leave the building at any time. 

9. There is no crating inside the green building.  If the red building does not have an outside rental, there will be crating available there.  Updates regarding crating will be in your final confirmation

10.  Gate will be outside. Dog running and dog on deck will be inside.

11.  Warm up jump will be located outside.

12.  Running orders, courses and scores will be posted online at           

13.  No guests of competitors or unentered persons allowed in the building.

14.  Weather permitting, all doors will remain open.

15.  There will be no hospitality (beverage and food will not be supplied or available to participants)

16.  Exhibitors must bring their own mask.  Masks will not be available.

17.  If you are not vaccinated, you may not eat inside the building as this would require removal of your mask.

18.  Hand sanitizer and disinfectant will be available, but it is highly recommended that exhibitors bring their own

19.  Only 2 people are permitted in the bathrooms at a time, one person in the stalls and 1 person at the sink.  Please maintain a six foot distance while waiting in line to enter the bathrooms.

20.  Walkthroughs may be limited.  Please maintain a six foot distance during all walk throughs. Masks must be worn by all competitors during walkthroughs.

21.  Upon entering the ring, leashes will be placed in a basket and the basket will be moved to the exit.

22.  Ribbons will be self serve.  Social distancing is required.

23.  Failure to abide by these protocols will be grounds for immediate dismissal.